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How to Write Erotic Stories

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erotic stories

Writing erotic stories can be an art form. However, there are some key things to remember. First, erotic stories should not contain euphemisms that will cause readers to cringe, laugh, or think “Ugh! Seriously?”. However, if you can write sex scenes in an appealing manner, you can easily woo readers into your story. As long as you have an excellent grasp of the genre and have plenty of experience in sex, you should be able to get away with a short story of this nature.


Some authors of erotic stories are looking to expand their audience by publishing their work online. However, there are a few steps that you can take to reach a wider audience and improve your chances of success. First, you should be aware of the target audience for your story. If you are writing for a gay audience, the target audience will be the LGBTQ community. For example, if you write about a gay man who has an affair with a woman, you may want to target this niche market.

Second, you should learn the anatomy of the erotic genre. Many of these stories rely on physical sensations and actions, so you should educate yourself on anatomy and sexual experience. Read your stories out loud and try to find out how the scenes make you feel. Any unpleasant or offensive scenes will turn off potential readers. Another tip is to keep in mind that erotic fiction is not a thinly disguised memoir. Avoid incorporating your own sexual experiences into your erotic fiction; this can result in legal actions and even reduced dating prospects.

The following websites are ideal for authors of erotic stories. The authors of these websites will provide detailed submission guidelines for their publications. In case you’d like to submit your work to one of these publications, you can contact them through email. Make sure to include your contact details, a brief description of your book, and whether it falls under the category of erotic fiction. In addition, you must include information about yourself and your story in order to get the right publisher.


If you’re looking for a site with free sex stories, you’ve come to the right place. is home to one of the largest collections of erotic tales online. The site has an active community of writers and readers who can provide helpful pointers, ideas, and constructive criticism for the stories. In addition, there are several features to help you navigate the site easily, including the ability to download stories and track videos.

For the offers a free 2-day trial membership, as well as access to exclusive photo galleries and video content. For the Girls features erotic fiction for both women and couples. Founded in 2001 as a free repository of erotic fiction for women, For the Girls transitioned to a paysite in 2003. The site offers a mixture of hardcore sex movies, provocative articles, and free erotic fiction for both genders.

Novel is another great site to browse erotic stories. This site features short stories written by independent authors and offers no daily limit. Moreover, its Fan Fiction category features stories about pop culture characters having sex. It’s easy to use, and you can find many independent erotic literature here. You can also find free ebooks for a variety of erotic topics. These sites are perfect for erotic fans.


The Genre of Erotic Stories describes a variety of sexual acts and themes in fiction. While it is often considered to be a type of romance, it is different from traditional pornography, which features women as sex objects. In erotic fiction, the hero is typically an alpha male who is not afraid to display his/her feelings, especially in the form of intimate acts. In addition to stories about love, erotic literature can encompass other genres, including sadomasochism, discipline, bondage, and sex toys.

In general, men prefer older women and obese women, although the same is not true for women. Men are attracted to erotic images of old women. A genre of erotic fiction for women based on heterosexual men having sex is one of the fastest growing genres. This type of erotic fiction is increasingly popular, especially with women, as both genders have distinct characteristics when it comes to sexuality.

While erotic romance and erotic novels are both popular genres, some publishers are still cautious about them. Erotic fiction is typically more difficult to promote and merchandising opportunities. In socially conservative countries, publishers are less likely to promote such titles. Indies are the main publishers of erotic fiction, and many larger publishers, such as Smashwords, have a large number of titles in this genre.


The plot of an erotic story is essentially an evolving series of erotic scenes that work toward the main character’s desired outcome. These scenes are called kinks. These scenes are usually the result of a conflict or a main character’s hesitation before pursuing a kink. The main character’s quest to achieve his or her desired result drives the plot forward, and the outcome is usually steamy and dramatic.

When writing an erotic novel, writers must pay attention to the genre’s conventions and expectations. They must have a high eroticism level in order to be classified as an erotic story. Popular erotic novels include The Highlander Chronicles and Darkfever. If you’re unsure of what constitutes an erotic novel, you can read the first few pages of a top selling novel in the subgenre to get an idea of what to expect.

The plot of erotic stories must also address the reader’s sexual imagination. This is done through vignettes, which are short pieces of writing that form an episode within a larger story. For example, a vignette will focus on a sexual encounter, but will also incorporate more general elements of the story. A vignette may focus on a sexual encounter that has a significant impact on the overall plot.

Character development

When writing erotic stories, character development is a critical aspect of ensuring the story is entertaining and believable. It’s vital to give each character a complex background, including any traumatic experiences they may have endured, any medical conditions they may have, and any embarrassing traits they may have. Character profiles can run from one to 13 pages, and are a great way to get to know your characters in depth. You can also use questionnaires to transform your characters. They don’t have to be answers, but rather questions that make you think about your characters.

Secondary characters can be a good way to explore moral gray areas. In Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson chastised Sherlock Holmes for using drugs, and the same goes for many other secondary characters in the story. Secondary characters can also provide humor or emotional support for the protagonist, if they have different viewpoints. Some secondary characters even become the lead characters for one or two chapters. Hermione Granger, for example, is a perfect example of a secondary character.

Often overlooked in erotic stories, character development is crucial to the story’s overall success. Readers will not remember the plot so much as they will remember the characters. It’s imperative to understand the character’s innermost fears and how they react to them. Using this list of characteristics will help you build a character profile. You can start by describing basic physical traits. Then, expand upon those traits to reveal the character’s personality, mental health problems, and more.

Graphic sex

If you are looking for erotic romance, you may want to check out a few of these titles. There is no need to be horrified; these stories are completely fictional and are intended for readers over the age of 18. All the characters and events in these books are fictitious. They are written in a style that encourages viewers to envision themselves becoming more involved. These stories are often quite graphic, but the overall tone is more upscale, so you won’t need to worry.